Family dentist Dr. William Boyer and his friendly, well-trained team are glad you stopped by.
Dr. Boyer - Spring Valley DentalAt the family dentistry office of Dr. Boyer, our friendly team strives to provide you with the loveliest smile and best dental health in the most comfortable of environments. We offer many general dentistry services that can ensure you will receive the highest quality and most comfortable family dentistry care. We can help you enjoy an entire lifetime of great dental health and aesthetics. We know you and your loved ones value your smile as well as your dental health, so we do all we can to offer you quality family dentistry services that can give you a smile you can show off with pride.

Here are some of the family dentistry services we offer:


      Spring ValleyDr. Boyer offers two fabulous family dentistry tooth whitening systems.

      • Zoom in-office tooth whitening system. This tooth whitening process is a one-office visit and can brighten your smile dramatically.
      • Professional at-home tooth whitening system. This tooth whitening system gives you a brighter smile than any over the counter kit.


      sedationOur family dentistry doctor offers two popular sedation dentistry treatments that just may make going to the dentist a stress-free, comfortable experience for you. Both sedation dentistry treatments help you relax so your visit is not only comfortable but we can often provide several procedures during the same visit.

      • Oral sedation dentistry — This is a pill we give you that will help you relax during your visit.
      • Nitrous oxide sedation dentistry — Commonly called “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide helps you relax and be comfortable during your family dentistry and other treatments. This is a fast-acting sedation dentistry treatment and wears off quickly so you won’t need to arrange transportation home.


    healthyAt Spring Valley Dental Care, we care about you and your loved ones, so family dentistry treatments are one of our top priorities.

    • Clean, beautiful smiles — We provide many services that can make your smile clean and beautiful, such as teeth cleaning.
    • Healthy Smiles — We provide fillings, root canals, and many other treatments that ensure your smile is healthy and can stay healthy.
    • Oral cancer screening — We offer Vizilite Plus oral cancer screening as one of our family dentistry treatments. This system can detect oral cancer long before any visible symptoms are present and can help to keep you healthier.

Give Spring Valley Dental Care a call today or contact us here! We want to provides services for everyone in your family.

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